Monday, April 26, 2010

Week Thirteen

April 26-{Tree} it wasn't very nice today, which is disappointing considering how nice it has been latley. This picture was taken out the front window, i love the silhouette. This tree is also dying, and if it ever gets cut down the front yard will never look the same. Me and Biancha went for a walk tonight, well we just sat in her car, but we had a good long talk, and watched the sun go down, it is so pretty in fish creek with the sun setting.

April 27-{window} tried taking a self portrait today, standing at the window watching it rain outside. i was actually able to sit in a desk today, and i finished some religion work. we also went and got some slurpee's trying to will the good weather back to calgary. I made my birthday cake today, betty crocker cake mix which is my favorite kind, rainbow cake mix with rainbow sprinkle icing!

April 28-{Quote picture} Today was a really good day, i worked on religion all day, as well as english because there was a seminar i had to go too. I also went to a student council meeting over lunch time, we are doing a staff appreciation tomorrow for all the teachers, we're providing everyone with lunch, so i volunteered to make cupcakes, which i made right after school! It was also Blizzarding today during school, we woke up with a couple inches of snow!! This picture is from Tumblr, Bluquote to be exact, i love all the pictures she makes, and all the quotes she puts on them, definitely one of my favorite blogs!

April 29-{Flowers from mom} These are some flowers mom got me for my birthday, she gets each one of us flowers every year for our birthday's, and i love gerber daisy's. Staff appreciation was a big hit, all the teachers loved it and all my cupcakes and cookies were gone! I am pretty excited for my birthday tomorrow, and excited that we don't have school!
April 30-{Birthday} I am finally 18 today, it seems like it has taken forever but hasn't come fast enough at the same time! and i can hardly believe that i am 18 today!! We went out for breakfast with mom to Cora's and we had a nice breakfast, i got a photo printer from her so i can print my photos at home now. Then me kristen and Erinn went to an Antique sale at Stampede park, and i got a cigarets box and a vintage camera. Then we went out for dinner with Dad to Moxie's and Me Kristen, Biancha, Brittney, Alex, Chris and Parichoy went out to a club for the night called Republik.

May 1-{Cake} Yesterday we didn't have time to eat cake at mom's house, i made it earlier in the week, so we ate it tonight after supper. We had both sparklers and candles in the cake. Me and mom went to get my Grad Dress altered today, and i ran a couple more errands, i am exhausted from last night though, considering i couldn't even sleep in this morning!

May 2-{Ipod dock} i got this ipod dock for my birthday from dad, it plugs into the cigarette lighter in the car, i figured out how it works today, and i sounds great in the car! I also worked today, we got a new chef in Railway, she was really nice and i can see myself really enjoying working with her! Me and Erinn went over to dad's for dinner, and then we made paper snowflakes afterward, for erinn's drama class, it was like being back in Kindergarten! 

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Week Eleven

April 12-{cinnamon buns} dad got these cinnamon buns from costco, they're made by the same company that makes the two bite brownie. They are so delicious!! they taste just like the cinnamon scones that grandma used to buy us from costco, we used to toast them and then put butter on them, so yummy! i really miss those too, i always looked forward to them, but i haven't seen then for a very long time, kind of disappointing. 

April 13-{pencils} i had my social diploma today, the one that i barley made cut off for. I did part A the written this morning, it went pretty well, i feel fairly confident in what i wrote. We had to do one essay on source analysis, there were 3 sources which we had to interpret, relate them to liberalism and then connect them together. There was also an essay, which we had to write about one source, and to what extent should we embrace the ideological perspective in the source. i feel good about that one too! Multiple choice was in the afternoon, and i am nervous for that mark, i don't do well with Social or English multiple choice because they're reading comprehension. i just hope i do well!
April 14- {eiffel tower} today was pretty eventful. i took one psychology test and finished another learning guide, which i will be taking that test tomorrow. Me and Biancha went to watch the carroll boys play their first game of rugby, and we could actually follow what was going on, but we lost. And then Me biancha and Nicole went out for dinner with Brittney to East side mario's, that was alot of fun, and very yummy!

April 15-{Video} Dad showed me this video you can make where you insert your picture, it's about being the hero of the world, it's very cool, and great to share, so thats my pic of the day. Me and Dad went to U of C today to see all of kristen's art that she's done this semester, it was great to see it all displayed and see everyone else's it's amazing the creativity that goes into all of them! i love it! Me and dad came home and watched survivor together and then went to bed!
April 16-{Me} i took this photo today, tried out a new hairstyle! We had no school today, so i tried to sleep in but the room was so bright, and i had to pee really bad, i hate it when that happens, because i felt like i could sleep all day! I watched Julie & Julia this afternoon, i love that movie! Me and dad had pizza for dinner, and i just hung around the house relaxing for the night!

April 17-{Play program and Ticket} i worked today, filling in for a co-worker, it was actually okay! Amy and Steph and Sue were all there so it made the day go by fast, and having the early shift helped too i was done at 2:30! Me and Kristen went for a bike ride when i got home too, first one of the summer, and it felt good! Then we had dinner with Dad and went to the university to see two plays which one of her friends was in. The first one was really good! but the second one was kind of confusing and boring, they're both highlighted in the program.

April 18-{flower} this is a flower that we have in Railway Cafe on one of the tables, i love the color and the flower, it's one of my favorites and i've been meaning to take a picture for awhile now. I worked again today, much longer then yesterday and much more boring! Me Erinn and Kristen all went to mom's for dinner, we got to hear all about Erinn's tournament in Kamloops she got back late last night. I also tried on my grad dress with my shoes, and watched the Academy of Country music awards, they were really good!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Week Ten

April 5-{Sisters} This is one of the pictures we took yesterday during our mini photo-shoot, we were all looking so good so we had to take advantage of that! I woke up feeling better this morning, me and Erinn sat around until about 2:30 watching TV, we are on spring break this week. I went over to dad's to watch 2012 the movie, which was an okay movie, probably wouldn't watch it again!

April 6-{Toaster} today was a good day, mom and erinn left for work and rugby by 12 o'clock so i had the whole house to myself, i did some laundry, and took all of my pictures off my camera so i could catch up on this project, but most of all i watched ALOT of TV and it felt good to not have anything to do for once. This is the new toaster mom bought, our last one survived about 10 years with us, and then it broke, and it was a pain to toast anything so i am very happy to finally replace it! Went to see the Last song tonight with Biancha and Angie, it's my new favorite movie!

April 7-{necklace} this is a necklace i made about a year ago, i got the chain and pendant from michaels and put it together, i love it, probably my favorite piece of jewelry. Me and Erinn took the train to downtown today to go pick up her textbooks which she left on the train, luckily someone returned them and she got them back, and then we went to see Alice in Wonderland, it was a good movie, but not one of my top favorites.

April 8-{Snow} today was a pretty slow day, i went to the library with biancha to study for social, our diploma is on tuesday, it was hard to focus and concentrate on studying though! When we came out to go home it was snowing, and the wind was so strong, and by the time i got home, it was blizzarding in April, Come on!!

April 9-{Resume} i drove mom to work today, she had to take the van in for repairs again. And then i headed out to find a job, i printed off 10 resumes and applied at Zara clothing, Old Navy, Ikea, Gap generation, Twisted Goods, RW and Co and Winners. So hopefully i get an interviews out of one of those applications. I went with Coffee with Biancha and we just sat and talked for like 2 hours. And then i couldn't fall asleep!

April 10-{Me and Biancha} i worked today, the early shift from 8:30-2:30 and by the end of it i was exhausted! i came home and just wanted to sleep! Kristen came over for dinner and we had steak, cheese bread, baked potato and salad, i went over to bianchas around 8:00 and we hung out with our regular group of people, Sam, David, Alex, Chris, Ben, Christina, and Brian. We all had a really good time together!

April 11-{mirror} I stayed over at bianchas last night, which was a bad idea, i could barley breathe for the whole night and i woke up to a swollen eye, i am really allergic to her pets, which is two cats and a dog, so it makes staying at her house a pain. Me and Erinn go back to Dad's tonight for our two week rotation, i spent the whole day trying to study for my social diploma on tuesday! photo courtesy of Erinn

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Week Nine

March 29-{Jodi Picoult book}She is one of my favorite authors! i LOVe every one of her books, this is the one that was just released, and mom brought it home for me from the Library. it made my day! Me and Erinn went to the doctor today to see what else we could do about our acne, which hasn't improved much in the past year or so, so she wrote a new prescription and gave us some new products. Being at school was really hard today too, i don't have much to do now that social is done, so it's tough being there all day.

March 30-{Grad Photos} i woke up early this morning to go to the children's hospital with mom. We also got our grad proofs today, i had my picture taken two weeks ago, and we got to see how they turned out, and to pick which ones we would like to order.
March 31-{Student Council Shirt} Today was the student council carnival, it took a lot of planning over the past couple weeks, and it ended up going very smoothly. We had a really good turnout, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, we had lots of different stations which included Pillow fights, sumo wrestling, pinata's, balloon shaving, relay racing and many more! I also went to get the rest of Erinn's birthday present this afternoon, and went to the gym after supper!

April 1-{pranks} today was supposed to be a relaxing day, but it defiantly wasn't! After we got to school, me Biancha and Tory decided to go buy toilet paper and wrap or friends David and Chris' car in it, which we did, and then after school they covered mine and Biancha's cars with silly string, so we covered their cars in ketchup and mustard, and eggs and whip cream! it was a war! but definitely fun, and a very memorable April fool's day! I even got an e-mail from Kodak, saying that they were selling cheese with your pictures on the front, but that was April fools too!

April 2-{Shopping Bags} No school today! It's officially the first day of Easter Holiday's and Good friday too. Me Erinn and Kristen went to Market mall today, to go to H&M, we got some new clothes for our spring/summer wardrobe, and i also got my grad shoes, black patent leather heels, with a peep toe, and they are very comfortable too!

April 3-{ Erinn's Box} I woke up today feeling much better, my sore throat was pretty much gone. Me and Erinn hung around for a bit and watched TV and then headed to Southcenter to get a few more things for our spring/summer wardrobe. I got a couple more shirts and a skirt, as well as a ring for grad, and 3 new bras. This picture is the box that me and kristen put together for Erinn for her birthday tomorrow, it includes 16 things for her 16th birthday! And we watched Charlie and the Chocolate factory after supper. 
April 4- {Erinn's Birthday} Today is both Easter Sunday and Erinn's sweet sixteenth birthday! We woke up and had cinnamon buns, and she opened her presents from mom, and then we went to brunch in Bonivista, and then came back home and relaxed for a bit. Then Erinn got some cupcakes, and she opened mine and Kristen's present. Then Me erinn and kristen headed over to dad's and took a lot of pictures, and then we went to dinner at Poenix Grill. And then came home and had cake and she opened Dad's presents, and then we watched s video dad made for erinn of all of the home movies that she is in, it was so cute! But a great day!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week Eight

March 22-{ love ring/flower} This picture was taken by Erinn, i saw this ring at walmart a couple months back, but didn't get it because it wasn't my size, so i have been waiting and waiting for walmart to re-stock their rings, which they don't do very often! I finally saw the ring again but it was still a size to small, so i made erinn buy it, and she loves it, so she took some photo's the other day, all credit goes to her! I LOVE the picture!

March 23- {high-heels} Today was a really good day for me! I finally had my interview with mount royal, for admission into their information design program. It was at 3:00, and i was really nervous going in, but that went away when i met the two administrators, they were really nice,and welcoming and very calming. I thought it went very well, i was in the room with 4 other potential students, and i feel confident in my answers and how it went! Me and biancha went to the library after dinner, and talked the whole time, and laughed and laughed! It was a very good day!
March 24-{List of social} today was a really busy day for me, cut off is tomorrow, and i worked on  social all day long trying to study and finish in time for tomorrow.i worked on it right after super too, until 2:30am, i finished a 5 page essay, and one learning guide and studying for one test! but it was worth it! this was the list i made, of everything i needed to do tonight. i accomplished all of it!

March 25-{Cookies} these are the cookies i made yesterday after dinner, they're cinnamon cookies and they taste like mini doughnuts! Today is cut off for all April diploma students, and i am VERY prud to say that i made it! there were some serious doubts that i had, and alot of hard work over the past few days! but i am so happy i finished, I'm on cloud nine!!

March 26- {BLT} it was so hard to get up today, i needed the extra sleep! I didn't have to drive Biancha today so i made a BLT for breakfast, that put me in a great mood, and then i found it was raining, usually i hate the rain but today it made me even happier! because it meant that it was finally warm enough for it NOT to be snow! and the smell of rain was so good!!

March 27- {Me with Puppy} Me and erinn had a dentist appointment this morning at 10:00, it went by pretty fast, it was just a usual checkup. We got home, had lunch and then me and dad went to Market mall this afternoon. I went into H&M and saw some very cute spring clothes that i think i am going to buy. We also went into the pet shop and i got to hold 2 puppies, this white one and a black one so i made Dad take a picture! Aren't they cute?

March 28- {Skiing} Me erinn Kristen and Dad went to Lake Louise for West Jet days, Donna was able to get us tickets again this year, We got there around 10:00, and we skied 2 runs in the morning before heading in for lunch. Dad's knee was bothering him so he didn't go out again in the afternoon. Me Erinn and Kristen went for one more run and found a clear patch of snow, so we played in the snow for about 30 minutes. Then we drove into banff and looked around in the shops and went for dinner, and then we went to the chocolate shop and got myrtles, which is chocolate caramel, and cashews, they are delicious!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Week Seven

March 15-{blood donation} WE had a blood clinic at school today, i had an appointment to donate blood at 10 o'clock, the whole process took about an hour. I went in and i had a glass of gatorade and a granola bar, then i sat down and waited until a lady was free she pricked my finger to see if i had enough iron in my blood, i did so i moved on, and then talked to a nurse, who made asked questions to see if i was eligible and then i got a pint of blood taken out, the needle hurt more then i expected and i only felt a little sick after but i saved 3 lives today just by donating! 

March 16-{Hair Cut}today was a pretty boring day, trying to finish social in time for cut-off next week. I went to get a hair cut tonight, at 8:00 but i went earlier for Erinn's appointment at 7:00 Mine turned out great, i had a stylist named Urma, i just got a little bit taken off, and i like how it turned out. But erinn's didn't turn out as well, the stylist wasn't understanding what she was saying, and just wouldn't listen to what Erinn wanted, so she now has to go back in and get it fixed. 

March 17-{ green nails} It's saint Patricks day today! and i have been waiting to paint my nails green all month long! but i couldn't do it until tonight because i had grad photos this morning, which went really well, i think, i guess we'll have to see how they actually turn out.I love my green nails though!

March 18- {Mom's B-day} today was mom's 50th birthday, i went to school today, i was supposed to be skiing but i ended up having a test and a seminar to go to. After school i got some flowers from safeway for mom for her birthday along with some chocolate. I made a card too, and then erinn, kristen and i met her at Milestone's for dinner. i was nice to have us all there for dinner! Auntie Barbie is coming to calgary tomorrow to spend the weekend with mom too!

March 19-{smoothie} No school today! It's a professional development day, i really should be at school though because of everything i have to do! I slept in a little bit, for some reason my body wouldn't let me. Kristen made me a smoothie today when she got home from school, it was so yummy! After supper me and erinn walked to blockbuster to get a movie, and then we went to Starbucks to get a vanilla ribose tea, which was okay, not as good as i expected. We watched The Box with Cameron Diaz, which was just okay too. 

March 20-{Fence} i worked today, i filled in for someone, which means i got to work with Sue! It was pretty busy all day, which made my shift go by faster. We had steak, potatoes and mushrooms for dinner. And watched TV afterwards, so pretty low-key day. This picture was taken yesterday while me and ERinn were walking to blockbuster.   
March 21-{car wash} I actually got to sleep in today. Dad made reservations for brunch at priddis at one, so we went to have brunch today. The food was soo yummy! Afterwards me and erinn went to Staples, and superstore to get some things, and then I got a car wash, this is a picture Erinn took while I was washing the car. I also vacuumed the whole car and cleaned the whole inside! Auntie Barbie was in Calgary for the weekend, so we went over to mom’s for dinner, and I stayed up as late as I could doing some social homework.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Week Six

March 8-{Blue shoes} Today was a good day, everything just fit together and felt right. We started LOGS today which is Low Organization Games, it was pretty fun. I also decided to switch my English diploma to june instead of april, so i can get a better mark and make sure that i can get into university. Now i'm focusing on social and trying to finish that in 12 days for cut off. These are my new shoes that i got on saturday night from old navy, they're really cute and i love them!! 

March 9-{182} The nice weather stopped today, it started snowing yesterday! i thought spring was here but apparently not. Today was a bad day, i got a mark for my social test back today, and when i wrote the essay last week, it didn't print off in the testing center, so i left it and they printed it off for me. Well it turns out they only printed off one and a half pages out of four, so now i have to go back into testing and re-write half of my essay! I went to the gym after school, it felt really good after not going for a whole week! today is the 182 day that i have written in my journal, halfway through the year! HUGE accomplishment for me!

March 10-{sunset} i love sun sets did i mention that? i was driving home from Michael's today and the sun was blinding, it was so bright, and so beautiful so thats my picture for today. I finished my social essay today, the one with the mix up. We played dodgeball in LOGS, and i had a student council meeting, We are planning a carnival for march 31, and the school even bought SUMO soots  for sumo wrestling, it sounds like alot of fun now that we're almost done planning it!

March 11-{Project life page} After going to micheal's yesterday i put together a couple pages of my project life, and this is what it looks like when a page is all done up. These actually aren't the picture for my project, they're from my last project 365 from last year, i am waiting to get all my pictures printed in bunches to save money. Went to the gym again today and did alot of cardio and an ab workout, feels good! Watching Grey's anatomy and Survivor tonight too!

March 12-{Park} TOday was a good day, i laughed so much and had so much fun with my friends. WE went to glenmore park for lunch and we barbecued hotdogs for lunch. And after school we went to see a movie, Cop out which is a comedy, it was a lot better then i expected it to be! I had dinner here at mom's, spulumbo's sausage and then we watched medium and enchanted, overall great day!

March 13-{purple nail polish} i finally got to sleep in today after two weeks of not being able to! mom made us pancakes and bacon for breakfast which was good! and i lounged around for a bit, before showering and then cleaning my room. Then biancha picked me up and we went to get her pictures printed, and then i went over to her house and helped her finish her scrapbook for Angie, and i had tim hortons for dinner, but didn't win anything in their role up to win contest!

March 14-{dressing room} i worked today, and it was hard getting up, we had a time change last night we turned our clocks one hour ahead. so we lost an hour. It wasn't very busy at work today, but still tiring  i went to Joe at superstore after to get a pair of buisness pants to wear to an interview for mount royal next week. i also bought a pair of brown heels to practice walking in for grad, now i have to walk around the neighbor hood walking in them to break them in and practice!